do i need to be a fitness guru to come?

No, not at all! It's not about how fit you are, but about having FUN! We aim for you to feel stronger than when you arrived and we cater for everyone; from people who want to train hard all week to guests who just want to join in the training that they wish to. We can be as hard or as soft as you like!

can i do my own thing during the day or do I have to stick to the schedule?

The one thing you will have a lot on the retreat is OPTIONS! You can do whatever you like with all of our training sessions being optional. Even within the training sessions you will be given options depending on your fitness levels and how hard you would like to train.

what is the food like?

Healthy, delicious and energizing. Meals with whole foods and as little processed foods as possible. From salads, lean meats and amazing flavours; everything is prepared fresh. We need you to have lots of energy, morning to night. 

Can I bring my own food?

Yes you can bring any snacks you would like for the weekend. however we can not guarantee fridge or freezer space. We ask that all snacks be kept inside the cabins and in closed packages, we are in the wilderness after all and we don’t need to share our cabin with the locals.

Do I need to bring bottled water?

No, in fact the Wilderness Lodge discourages the use of plastic water bottles as it is not environmentally friendly. We ask you bring your own water bottle and filtered water will be available for you to refill as much as you would like.

can i drink while on the retreat?

Of course! We workout hard and we reward ourselves for a hard day’s work. You are welcome to relax and unwind with a glass of your favourite beverage. All alcohol is bring your own with the exception of White House Dinners at the lodge. Beverages will be available here at an additional cost, bringing your own is against house rules. We request you keep the drinking to a reasonable level, however, as camp is no fun when you’re hungover!

i'm thinking of coming by myself, is that ok?

Of course it is! You may arrive not knowing anyone, but we can assure you that you will leave with many new friends! Don’t be shy!

Can I get my own room?

No, this event location only accommodates shared rooms. You can request a roommate(s) when registering and we will do our best to put you together.

I know we are in the “wilderness"
but can I have a shower?   

Yes the cabins include 2 bathrooms each with modern amenities, toilets, sinks and showers!

what is the minimum age?

You need to be 18 to attend a retreat.


what do i need to bring?

Do I have to organize my own transportation?

Yes, but we will be helping to coordinate shared rides from Woodstock Ontario only based on availability.